Swimming in the Cube

You ever swim in a massive bubble cube that lights up at night into a colorful kaledeiscope? Oh. I guess they don’t have them everywhere. Sigh~ se la vie

Here is where Michael Phelps won his 8 Golds and made Olympic history. The Watercube is part of the Olympic Village here in Beijing and it was something I had been wanting to check out. The stadium is absolutely massive. Remember what it looks like?

There were lots of people about the Olympic area, enjoying their holiday with the family, taking photos. It was a nice hot day and so my roommate Andrew, a Scottish architect, and who also swam competively were keen to check out the famous watercube and do a few laps..

It was refreshing to be in this Olympic size pool, swimming underwater and being all waterguppy like. I love water and being able to swim in it. In this populated metropolis of Beijing, one can find a peace of mind swimming and moving in this pool. If I ever worked here, I would probably make myself here once a week.


Yesterday, I trekked with an Israeli rock climber and a German trans siberian train traveler to one of the several major music festivals happening in Beijing this past weekend. Here is the perfect place to see the creativity and artistic flavor be tasted in this country. Through the tens of thousands of 20’s and 30 somethings, music was listened to, Chinese folk, metal, rock, pop, electronica. 5 stages I believe, people dressing up, hairstyles, clothing styles, and a sense of rebelliousness. This generation is not like anything of the previous that accepts what is given to them and says thank you. In time, this generation will stand up and I pray people don’t get killed.

It was a fun festival, I met a lot of “Cool” Chinese. A nice change from the day to day busy beijing. This park that hosted it was great.

Ciao for now, photos to follow….

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