Onto to Korea, with some photos of the past weeks~


I am here. Another new country and land I have never been to. The giddiness, though it is small, is there and my eyes are awake with new things to see, different cultures to experience, foods to taste and people to make friends with.

Already I have been here two nights, staying with one of my best friends on this planet, JD O’Brien. JD and I met while studying in Switzerland, traveled in India together for three months, and have visited each other whatever chance we get when one is in the vicinity of the other. Just to give you an example, JD drove 8 hours from Minneapolis to Chicago just to spend an evening with me grabbing dinner and catching up on life. Another time he did this last summer when I was in North Dakota. He didn’t ask for gas money or anything, he just wanted to chill. Another thing about JD is that he ALWAYS answers the phone whenever I call him to just banter or talk sports. Even if it’s “Hey dude, I’m at dinner, or church or wherever, this brother always picks up for me.” I tell you what, that’s FRIENDSHIP. JD is an amazing soul and I’m privileged to have him as a friend. He’s single ladies, so check him out on facebook, Ha.

Anyways, the universe has had our paths cross once again because JD just started teaching english here in Korea a few weeks ago. So, when I flew to China, I had no idea I would potentially be going to Korea. But here I am, and it is great to be here.

South Korea is already very very different from the day-to-day life in China. While Korea (North and South) is significantly smaller than China (think the size of Minnesota), it is a rich nation, very civilized and in general a more liberated spirit. China is BIG, lots of people, busy, horns honking, streets cooking, people moving. Draining, really after a while. Korea to me now is a breath of fresh air. Thoughts like Wow I have a seat on the subway or I don’t hear any car horns or People are smiling and joking with me have been floating around and I’m enjoying the change.

Over the years I have made many Korean friends. Some are from Korea, and some are Korean American. Through the friendships and interactions, my Korean friends have been very hospitable, faithful and encouraging. I remember when I had a Korean roommate, he asked me to join him for dinner and he cooked me these amazing Korean noodles. Another Korean friend prepared me a wonderful dinner full-out with 20 small dishes and decor. Another Korean friend prepared a FOOTBATH for me when at their home. Some Korean friends of mine have committed to pray for me everyday and some have written me very nice cards and notes of encouragement.

Needless to say, I have been intrigued about this land and have always thought for the better part of 5 years that I would visit Korea. Well folks, here I am, and who knows, maybe I will stay for a bit. So far, the people are nice, the Korean BBQ I had yesterday was phenomenal, and I have a best friend to share some life with. Hmmmm….We’ll see.

I have some pictures to post, since people have been asking. So here are some from the past couple weeks in Beijing and Xi’An.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope the Spring season is blessing you all~

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