Burning Man & traveling around the USA

Welcome and sit, have some tea, lay back relax…

It’s been a trip, life is a trip, a journey not a destination, and currently this journey is taking me to a hotel lobby computer in Gainesville, Florida. Home of the Gators, mossy old everglade trees and more than a few retirees and college students.

But, pre judgements aside, let’s talk about some of the past experiences and terrains this boy has trekked to recently, because, well that what’s all you peeps wanna hear right?

Well…Since Tahoe Oregon and Seattle, I hopped on a plane on August `19th to Bourbonnais, Illinois. Bout’ an hour south of Chicago, I was there for work and the Step into Africa event. Overall pretty good, we had about 2500 people walk through and 250 children sponsored. That means 250 new relationships and more help to communities in Kenya who suffer from AIDS.

After this event I flew straight to Reno, Nevada. Why Shawn are you flying to Reno, Nevada Shawn? Well I’ll tell ya, I went to BURNING MAN. What is Burning Man Shawn? Burning man is filghasfuiggsogh safjkghauhg dghasuogha sg + 2424 %$%$%@# x 25 {2525} + ghsdh sdgdg hf ijl jlk dfaf.

Looking out on the Playa

I am not going to attempt to put what Burning man is in words, because to tell you the truth, one cannot define it fully and I don’t really want to anyways.

Aerial view of Burning Man 2011. 50,000 were in attendance, maybe a little more..

I’ll say this about it. I felt called beckoned summoned to go and everything worked perfectly to be there. It was sold out, but I did not worry, it was supposed to happen I knew, and a ticket from South Africa floated my way.

I had an amazing time.

It was a very free expressive environment and very communal and loving.

I saw and experienced things that no place on our planet can offer.

It was magical and as a people person I was vibing out the entire week. LOVED IT.

I met some wonderful people, saw my cousin and her art structure, made new friends, and learned a little tuli.

I experienced instant deep friendship with an amazing person.

Pirate ship docked. You could go fishing off this dock...

So yeah. Put aside your stereotypes of burning man if you have them. You can’t anticipate what will happen when you are there. I felt God throughout the whole week and had extremely clear signs and serendipitous moments that it is hard for me now not to believe that God was not there. In fact when I thought the thought, would Jesus be here? My eyes instantly focused on an individual dancing in a white robe with a beard and long hair. Guess he was there~!

After experiencing the burn, I came back to Reno jazzed and feeling like I had just traveled outside the country for the first time. I had to seriously plan my re-adjustment back so as not to fall victim to a reverse culture shock.

In some ways, I wish we could be as friendly and free as the burning man environment provided. Be yourself, express yourself and enjoy life and share with others. Well for one week that can happen, and if anyone wants to join next year, I am planning on going again. I thought this would be a once in a lifetime event, and I was proved wrong in thinking that. This is something I will likely go to for the next few years.

Post Burning man, Austin Texas. Great event again, 477 children sponsored (which means about $750,000 raised for Africa) and I got to meet a argentine DJ I like by the name of Federico Aubele. Chill guy.

Just got back from Sacramento from another stop. 185 children sponsored and over 2000 people through. Now onto Gainesville.

alright, I need to get something to eat.


ps. The burning man theme was “Rites of Passage.” In ways, this was a rite of passage for me.

Friends at the camp. Miguel, Paolo, Sala & Muscarella!

ART @ BURNING MAN, Wanna see more?? Check this website (I think his photography captures in a way what the environment is like.)