I just watched a wonderful movie called “Departures.”

The Japenese and English covers

It’s a Japanese film and it touches on themes of fate, life, death, relationship, family and departing this earth. It really was a touching film, I had been wanting to watch it since it won the best foreign film award a few years ago. I picked it up for a little over a dollar here in China, and this afternoon I was in need of a movie relaxing moment and this was the perfect choice.

When traveling for some time, it is good to have those moments where you remember who you are and remember what your country is like, friends, or family. Yesterday I phoned a good friend of mine in Oregon just to chat and it was very refreshing. I’ve been on the road now for over three weeks, and I’ve been finding myself eating some western food, calling a buddy, and watching a movie. It’s due and why not? It’s the International labor day weekend in China, so I’ll take a labor day myself. 🙂

Yesterday I visited the DiTan hospital in Beijing. Specifically, I was welcomed and given a tour of the facilities of the Infectious Disease Division. Here is where physicians treat patients who are in advanced stages of AIDS. As I walked the corridors, I glanced at people who were in bed, looking tired and worn, sometimes with a family member next to them. Many of these patients come from far away provinces, as DiTan hospital is one of the best facilities in the country to treat infectious disease.

I was given an audience of the Chief Physician of the ward, along with two other Doctors. For some time, we discussed all topics relating to AIDS, prevention methods, Government policy, treatments, history, sexual behaviors, research and other stories. It was a very fruitful meeting and I was glad to be able to make friendships with the physicians of this ward, who everyday, serve the individuals who are stricken with AIDS.

I am contemplating visiting more hospitals and clinics in China. Thailand should provide some interesting experiences relating to AIDS work, when I make my way to Bangkok next month God willing.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts of encouragement as I trek around. “Fate” is evident in my day-to-day life, and I have met some great people and been guided so to say. It’s always a peaceful feeling, when it happens, because you know you are where you are supposed to be at that very moment. And that’s beautiful. I truly believe that this happens more often when you have a community of people praying for you. While I cannot measure it, I have seen many times how my life changes when I send an email to a group of people committing to pray for me everyday while I travel. It’s actually one of my “secrets” you could say. Try it out sometime, see what happens. 🙂

Well, Beijing is good, food is good, life is good. I think I should do a post just on the food. It really is amazing. Especially the Beijing Duck. Quack.

Ciao for now


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