Updates in Beijing

Greetings from the internet cafe, would you like an update?

Welcome to Beijing

Well here it is. I am in Beijing still and plan to be here for another week. I’m visiting local hospitals to learn more about the infrastructure of how AIDS is approached and also meeting with local Chinese who have been involved in education and prevention. I’m also continuing to meet people where I can learn more about how younger people think about China, the changes and their perspectives on charity. If China does indeed become the strongest economic superpower in 25 years, will they be open to give? They don’t really give too much now when it comes to disasters, so….whats up?

I should be off to Korea in a week, gonna visit a friend.

Weather is good overall, mostly around 25 degrees celsius. That’s 70’s in fahrenheit. I’m meeting all kinds of people around the world, and some really inspiring ones. Here’s a story for ya :)

So I was on the 6th floor of my hostel at the lounge looking out at the view of the Forbidden City and Tiananmen sqaure. As I was chatting, I noticed a guy sitting along in his wheelchair. I was curious how he got up to the 6th floor because the elevator only went to the 5th floor and he didn’t have any handles on the back of his chair. In fact, his wheels looked pretty custom and this is China, not the most easiest place to navigate with a wheelchair. I was curious, so I approached him to shoot the breeze.

OH MY GOSH, this dude was cool. I come to find out this guy is Peter from the UK. Peter,who‘s in his mid twenties,was in a motorcycle accident 5 years ago and lost his feeling from the waist down。 But this is not limiting him to travel the world and that‘s exactly what he’s doing。 He‘s traveling all over Asia in his chair,(which is custom by the way, hard rubber tires, easy to take off spokes etc) and setting an example for any other person who may be a paraplegic。 He was such a nice guy!

As we talked,he told me of his time in Bangladesh。Bangladesh!That‘s gnarly people,think about riding your chair through traffic crazy with cars, buses that dont stop,taxis,motorcyles, bicylcles,pedestrians。 Wow!Then he went to bring in more chairs to Bangladesh and educate about how to have a community that makes things handicap accessible!He was able to arrange chairs for people and set up vocational training for those who have similair injuries in their country。Such a champ!After his three months there,he trekked to India, Nepal and Tibet and went to Taiwan,Korea,Japan and now he’s in China, going to the Northwest to Kazakhstan, Krygestan, Azerbaijan,across the Caspian sea , Georgia, Turkey back to Europe and the UK!Go Peter! Yeah man, if you thought it was hard to travel,look at this mate! He is doing this on his wheelchair!

I saw him go down the stairs, BUMP!BUMP!BUMP!Straight up man, just rolling down。 I watched him get in and out of his chair and I actually asked to try it out myself to get a feel for it。 It pops up pretty easy,but man, I gotta say I love to meet people like Peter in this world。He‘s traveling to be an inspiration for those who may be bummed after an injury or never had the chance to walk, and he’s raising awareness to countries where it is difficult to be a person who is `handicapped。` Godspeed Peter!

check out his blog,he calls it `Rolling back Home`, loveit。PS。He wants to be the first paraplegic to skydive SOLO in the Northern hemisphere~!YEAH!!!

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