Some inspired thoughts on friendship


They’re good to have. Always there, always loving. That’s what a friend should be.

In years past, many friends have been had. many have passed and many are yet to be made.

Just watched the last episodes of Entourage. one of the few tv shows I have watched all the seasons of and attracted to. While it is funny to hear the banter and the impressions of LA Hollywood, from where I spent a few years of my life, I really just enjoy the brotherhood that exists between the 4 guys, Vinnie, Turtle, Johnny and E. Guys that stick to each other through the downs and celebrate and live the up’s. In the last episode, one of the guys is going to become a Father, and for these guys they tell the expecting Mother they are looking forward to seeing “their” baby. All the dudes there for support of the baby and new family member.


Many different types of friendship out there. There are friends who enjoy being in your presence, friends who you only share a few memories with, though they may be significant. Friends who support you in the best way they can, friends who see you grow through the years. Friends who see you fall.

Friends should always be loving. A wise coach once said this about friendship:

“Friendship is a two-way street, go more than halfway.”

Friendship is a two-way street. I try to go more than halfway and take these words to heart. I try to send greetings in any form to my friends. I try to support them how I best know how. If I am invited to one’s wedding, I will be there.

Some friends will fade, some will leave, and some will continue to grow the plant of friendship. One friend is soil, one is water, and together the growth continues.

I love my friends. I am thankful, thankful for all of them. Friends from all walks of life, cultures, ages, genders.

so much to learn, so much to enjoy, so much to laugh, smile and taste.

I am learning. And I look forward to growing in the paths of friendship.

Lord, help me to be a good friend.