A recent adventure

Time for a blog again, and time for adventures again….Well actually adventures happen everyday in their own unique way. I had an adventure that all began with a sunny morning..

Waking up from the boat I could feel the warm sun rays peering through the small bathroom window. It was going to be a nice day! Having had a wonderful night before with friends, vino and good conversation, which included deciding to go sailing the next day for it was going to be a Saturday after all. It was time to get ready, open up the boat, feel the fresh air, take off the shirt, be in swimming wear and let the beautiful day unfold.

I posted a message on the couchsurfing Seattle group page

It went something like “It’s a beautiful morning, who wants to go sailing?” I posted my number and told people to text me if they were interested..12pm departure time and I was writing on my laptop in the cabin with the sun shining through, morning incense lit and tea kettle slightly boiling..


I stepped outside the boat, she looked good and I stepped on the dock and took a healthy breath of fresh air, taking in rays simultaneously ūüėČ Suddenly, a felt inspiration to take my hardy little kayak for a float on the lake, while the sun glistened off the surface greeting me hello ~

I rode out of the marina slowly, taking my phone with me so I could turn it on and see the messages from anyone who texted. It was an hour later more or less..

phone on…beep…beep…beep…beep…beep…beepbeepbeepbeep

“Hey this is shelly from cs…you still sailing today?”

“Hey Shawn, my name is Shaz, I saw your post on cs about sailing. Are you guys renting the boat? And if so how much per person?”

“Hi Shawn, Vince from CS. Still space for one more for sailing? I’m in!”

“Hey shawn, how are you? My name is Eidan and I saw your post on the Seattle group. My gf and i just got to seattle last night and will be happy to join you. Do you have room for us?”

It was happening…As I sat laid back in my kayak I responded to everyone in order and before too late, we were at full capacity with 10 people including myself. I was getting excited, today was going to be a lovely day for hanging with new and old friends on Lake Washington.

I got ready and went to pick up a couchsurfing couple who didn’t have a vehicle. He was from Israel and she was from Utah. They happened to be staying/surfing at my friends place and actually funny enough, we all had seen each other before at a gathering at the Playa State Reserve in Nevada the year before. )'(

Off to the boat! We got going, sailed out, had a full crowd, even a small dog came along! Together we sailed for the better part of 4 hours, enjoying the light wind with some gusts, couples enjoying the sun on the bow, music in the background, chips, beer and even Nutella! I was very pleased to see someone bring Nutella. One of the couchsurfers even jumped in the water! Well, I had to since someone did it and so I went for a swim and it was a nice refresher.

Afterwards, some stayed and we chatted while my crock pot stew  had finished its 6 hours marathon(I had a lentil/sausage/vegetable stew going throughout the day..)

mmmmm….so good.

Little did I know I may be dancing later that night with some couchsurfers  and heading out the next morning to the Olympic mountains for three days of adventuring all over the peninsula with them.

more to come….

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