It’s 30 Time

Time Time Time….

So it’s been Thirty years…Thiirrrrrrtttyyy yeeeaarrrsss…..T H I R TY~~~ 30

Get on highway 30 folks~

Well, in Korea, I’ve already been thrity for a year now haha. So by Korean standards, I’m 31. BAM! 30 was skipped!

It has been a WONDERFUL JOURNEY my friends.

30 Birthday Music

Born in California, raised by sweet parents, love abounding, great sister, memories of dancing by the record player, snorkeling with tropical fish in Hawaii, cats, sports, great birthday parties.

Snorkeling with tropical fish was always fun

Growing up in a forest, exploring the vast unknown in the backyard of the Santa Cruz mountains, amazing energetic ocean, that provided the thought that there is a whole unknown world out there, to explore, to discover, to enjoy.

Methusalah, just 15 minutes drive from my house.
Pacific Ocean, how you intrigue me..

 Great community of a church gave opportunities for me to go to Mexico many times doing construction projects and helping those in need. Going to the Caribbean islands to build schools, meet people from all over the states doing so together was an impactful time and solidified the desire to explore the world and serve.

Eastern Europe…..Vanguard University…..Cultural Anthropology studies….Traveling to Tibet and China for a summer, riding horses in far out lands, spending the night in nomads tents, eating fried skewers from a small cart outside of Barkor square, 13,000 elevation in the city of Lhasa.

Anthro Undergrads 2003
Taj 2004
Far out lands, making great friends, enjoying southern california in it’s entirety, SD, OC, LA, 909, Big Bear, beaches, mountains, desert.
Christmas Party with the So Cal friends

The twenties have been great. I have done everything I have WANTED to do. I have been TRUE to myself, doing only what I feel is most important and most valuable. I have pursued my dreams, I have tried to be a socially minded person daily. I have tried to honor my friends and family in whatever way possible.

Leading a group of guys throughout Egypt for 3 months was a blast. Camping on Mt. Sinai, diving the red sea, serving the Sudanese refugees and orphans was rewarding.

Egypt Crew

Traveling and adventuring has been ingrained in me, and it will always be. I have developed into a global citizen and it has been wonderful to evolve. I love people so much and I desire to serve others in need for the rest of my life.

These boys changed my life

Yes my friends. The first thirty has been a WONDERFUL JOURNEY. One that has involved SO many memories with everyone, I laugh to myself consistently ALONE because my mind is remided of so many good times. I love that through the journey, I have become a person who you are guaranteed to have adventures with. Haha, it always happens! I love LOVE LOVE it! More adventures and journeys!!!

I just bought a flight to the Yucatan for late January. Uh OH! Saleme on the run again! Only for a few weeks, the Mayan riveiera is beckoning along with BELIZE! Diving potentially awaits, jungle trekking, beach bumming, soul searching, fun loving, happy dancing!

Next: DIVE Yucatan

Thank you my friends for being my friends. Thank you for the experiences, the conversations, the smiles, the thoughts, the prayers, the fellowship, the shared meals, the challenges, the time served together on earth.

LIFE has been a wonderful journey
Indeed it has
So much to live, so much to have

It’s a another year and another phase
shoot like a star, never fade

It’s off to the day, it’s wonderful
sunny and bright, air is nice

Thankful thankful thankful
for everything

May the winds bring us together
Bring us happenings.


Try to LOVE others daily, be thankful daily, tap into the universal energy daily and I don’t think you’ll be far off from happiness and joy and peace.

My Oma turns 101 in February. And there are probably going to be significant scientific findings to extend life. So my friends, there is a LOT of life to still be lived. a LOT.

Keep living, full each day. I will, never waste away.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The tale continues….

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