contemplation surgery football

New song from the DJ~ listening music for readers

So I come down to the Bay Area to participate in my buddies annual birthday weekend party that includes football, paintball, lots of eating and fellowship with the “dudes.”

Overall it was a good time, and I killed it in football, gaining some 5-6 TD’s, two of which were defensive runbacks and lots of running and catches. For a guy like me, who while being athletic, never plays much football, it was a good day.

Tahoe Trip 2011

Needless to say, the guys were still jonesin for some more football and the following week we got together to play and in the heat of competition, referee and all, I happened to roll my ankle on the turf field and lo and behold, CRACK!

I felt pain immediately sure, I shouted F&##! pretty loudly, I felt in my heart it was broken but didn’t want to believe it. Well, a couple of days later after X-rays, icing, elevation and resting, I found myself in a surgery room, and then waking up after being knocked out from some anesthesia, my fibula or more specifically lateral malleolus fixed with some plates and screws.

Type B happened to me

SO now I write to you in “recovery mode.” It’s gonna be some 4 weeks before the cast comes off and then after that it’ll need some further healing. Luckily, I am being well taken care of by family and friends in the Bay Area.

It’s a different lifestyle for me now to be resting as much now. I’ll be occupying most of this time through writing and making some music hopefully. Reading some books, spending time with my 100-year-old Grandma along with getting time to spend with family is all valuable.

Some of my family taking care of me 🙂

My family has always been pretty close, so needless to say, they are happy that I am around. I have been living the past 3 and a 1/2 years in Seattle and I’ve only spent a few weeks at the house every year so they are happy I’ll be around for a bit. At least till Christmas…

More posts to come….

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