The Great What?

Well Day 4 here in Beijing, and it was time to see The GREAT WALL.

Wedding picture on Great Wall

Contrary to popular belief, the Wall cannot be seen from space. This was confirmed by Chinese Astronaut Yang Liwei in 2003.

The Wall stretches out for some 5000 kilometres, and kept most armies out from the North. Especially those barbaric Mongols. Now today, there are multiple areas one can visit the wall at. Yesterday, My sister and I decided to go to the Mutianyu location. We met at a local hostel, was provided with a choice of either Swiss or American breakfast, (we chose the swiss, which included muesli, toast, butter, jam and a cheese slice. some scrambled eggs too) and jumped on a chartered bus, capacity 20 to head to The GREAT WALL.

It was a pleasant drive for most of the way. Some horn honking, which is a bit more commonplace than say, New York city, traffic in this city is pretty all over the place. While it isn’t the most craziest driving I have participated in, it is not as linear and straight as the United States is. Lots of bike, taxis, buses, carts, bicycle carts, pedestrians, scooters. Go when you can, watch out.

I will post pictures, very soon, but the Wall was great. We hiked on and around it for a couple hours and enjoyed reading about its history. The views were nice as we were in a mountainous area. I recommend each person to see this wall at least once in life, maybe twice like me. 🙂

Many many people from all over the world congregated here. I heard Portuguese, French, English, Aussie English, German, Dutch, Fillipino, Japanese, italian etc. It was neat to experience a unique part of the world with all these different cultures.

As I surveyed the wall again for the second time in life, I was reminded of what I truly find beautiful in this world. While visiting the Pyramids, Taj Mahal and Great wall were all a pleasure to see and to appreciate how humans built such structures at periods of our history, they don’t give me that feeling of Wow, this is amazing as much as say, a waterfall, an ocean, mountain, forest or animals in the wild might.

It is something to visit this wall. To think that it was built over hundreds of years. For what? To keep others out. Many people died building this wall and i’m sure many died trying to scale this wall. It is an important part of history and how life was in this time.

In future travels, I see myself seeking out natural wonders of the world, and hopefully participating (from a distance) some of the unique migrations of animals that take place. There is so much to see…

Pictures will come! I promise!

Sunrise on the Jinshanling Great Wall

Much Love, thank you for praying~

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