Louboutins and the Art of bargaining

Shoes shoes shoes, and purses, wallets, belts, shirts, more wallets, purses, shoes, shoes, shoes and some sunglasses. Welcome to the Silk Market!

Christian Louboutin shoes

Welcome to China, land of the “knock off” designer brands. The real stuff is made here, and so through the connections of people and so forth, very VERY similar styles are created. It is amazing how close they look, and for a fraction of the price (think 1/40) then you can score some very stylish get ups. My sister couldn’t wait, she jumped in and I assisted her as a good big brother experienced in the “art of bargaining.”

I’ve been to markets all over the world, my first experience in bargaining was found in Mazatlan, Mexico back in 1995. Since then I have bartered in the Caribbean, India, Egypt and China. This market for those who know bargaining I would rate on a scale as a 6.5~

The chinese weren’t overly aggressive and would be quiet if you weren’t interested and you can get a good bargain. I drove hard bargains all over, typing in numbers on calculators and playing the game. My sister, being a first timer to bargaining, was blown away at the whole escapade of the bargain and how crazy people can get. The Market!

We had a successful day of shopping, and picked up some purses and shoes. While I would of advised not to acquire so much in the beginning of a trip, it’s not too much of a hassle and it’s not like we’re backpacking around mountains or anything.

Today we go to the GREAT WALL. It’s a little after 6am and we’re off soon and then a train to XI’AN.

Much love~


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