1111 a time of waking up

Why is it that I see 1111 frequently and at the same time experience significant shifts in my perspective and feeling as I reach the age 30?

What is it about this time in life? Is it just a number or a symbolic time? Mr. Jesus Christ began a journey at 30, I’ve been told “never trust a person over 30” and well, let’s be honest, 30 just doesn’t sound that young anymore. Of course, there will be people who will always tell you “you are young” or “you are old.”

I’ve never cared much for age, I mean so what, you’ve lived a few more days than someone else, does it really make you that much more wiser, beautiful, worthy or intelligent?

So far I’ve noticed shifts as I age, shifts in thinking, and a greater acquirement of experiences, knowledge, people encounters and new feelings. This all adds to the soup of life and it’s wonderful.

TO tell you the truth, I have felt like I am already past thirty and am happy to say, “my twenties were well lived.” I never want to die suddenly knowing that I didn’t live life to the full. For me, I would say, yes, I have lived life to the full. I have attempted to be a loving person, positive, and learn how to better interact with my fellow human being, be it a person who is from any part of the world. I have felt I have come to a good place in having a very good comfortability interacting with just about any person on this planet. But hey, we just reached 7 billion, there’s all sorts of people. Not to say I like everyone deeply, but I always try to impart some positivity or some love to someone. We need as much love as we give to each other on this planet and yes there is an overwhelming amount of darkness out there. Suffering, hurt, pain, death, abuse, betrayal, lies. I’m not living as if it doesn’t exist, I just have decided that I don’t want to dwell on such things and instead focus on the good that exists and that should be the norm instead. Love, care, compassion, community, happiness, eating together, laughing, touch and dancing. Much better, yes?

So I’ve been having this reoccurrence of the number 1111 come up in my life and I’ve been told it is a number that symbolizes “waking up” in a nutshell.

I first came to know of it as I was in my cousin’s art structure at a festival called Burning Man. The art structure was called “Constellation of One.”

The Constellation of one
Inside I walked in, because you see, there is a secret door. I knew about it having been a supporter of the project prayerfully and financially, but not everyone knew there was…

I hunkered in with a friend and two new friends, and came to meet one "Mr. White."

Now I don't know if Mr. White was an angelic being, a shaman, or just another person walking this planet. But something was special about him. He was extremely kind and welcomed myself and buddies to the inside of the mirrored constellation of one, and together we communed. As we chatted in our circle lit somewhat by electric candles, we talked about the uniqueness of the shape of this structure. It had seemed that the Constellation of One was a sort of mystical shape, found in various cultures. It is known as the "Merkabah."

In Hebrew tradition, the Merkabah is considered a “Chariot of God” and is found in the Hebrew scriptures and in Ezekiel’s vision of the throne of God. I had been familiar with this vision in the past and it was interesting to find so much written about the Merkabah. Some define the Merkabah as a spiritual vehicle to achieve access to the higher realms. Had this been some of the inspiration behind my cousin constructing her art?

My cousin Kirsten and I (right after I walked out from the Constellation of One)

So as we were talking about the significance of the Merkabah, Mr. White also mentioned the significance to the number 1111 and 1112. I told him, “wait did you just say that 1111 was a significant number?” He said “yes, why?” And I said “Well, last night I spent the night in Reno at a hotel and my room number was 1111!” Everyone in the Constellation then went “Whooooaaaaa”

Intriguing. Wonder. Excitement.

Mr. White told me it was very significant and I embraced that it occurred but didn’t dwell on it all too long. I had felt a call to come to this gathering known as Burning Man, and so it was yet another confirmation that indeed Shawn Saleme was supposed to be here at this very moment, in his cousins art project that he had been wanting to see for two years, with friends who had been kind enough to bring some of his supplies and gear down from Seattle and in an environment that already was expanding and enlightening his already existing paradigm of life regarding the social interaction of human beings.

Yes, I was supposed to be here. I felt good, positive, very happy and so very happy to be in this art project of my cousins. You know she did projects like this as a teenager when I was a kid? She would take pieces of mirror and put them on a pyramid like structure with wet tissue! Did you also know she has spent the better part of her life in India, Thailand and Bali teaching Yoga and I never see her?! I was hoping to see her at this 50,000 plus person gathering, but there’s no cell phone coverage, no wifi, no nothing. So if I saw her, great, but if I didn’t, oh well. Maybe in Thailand. 🙂

“The three wise men” (my friends who were dressed as such) and I walked out, thanking Mr. White for his conversation and wisdom and as we walked out of the Constellation of One, my friend asked “I want to meet your cousin man” and as I was ducking out of the doorway I said, “Well I don’t know if I will see her..” and as I turned my head to the right, who was there??? “She is here” I said As I stared with an awe and wonder and joy and yes! I walked straight to her and her partner Mitchell and said in a loud dutch voice with accent and all “IK HOU VAN JOU!” Which means I LOVE YOU!

We hugged, we laughed, we were happy to see each other and be united. You know I only have three first cousins, and our family history is fairly international and eclectic so it was absolutely wonderful to see her when I can and tell her how much I had been enjoying the Constellation of One. I asked her if she had known about the Merkabah and if it provided her the inspiration for her art. She said she found out about it later, but that she didn’t know about it and that she had come up with the design in her dreams.

Intriguing. Wonder. Excitement!

It was time to go! I got on my bike and biked off into the desert….The waking up had begun.

Mitchell and I

to be continued yes?

Pray for me in this time if you consider yourself a prayerful person…