About Shawn


My name is Shawn. Welcome, come sit and have some tea.

This is a simple blog that revolves mostly around my travel experiences both past and present and my reflections on them. Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “About Shawn

  1. Ni Hao Salsa,

    We be checking you out, looks way cooool, I’m looooking forward to following you guys foot steps. Later EF

  2. Hello, I was just researching a job as a reporter traveling the world and I stumbled onto your blog. I was amazed to see that you’ve had the pleasure of having that job for a while. Right on man! Maybe you can give me some tips on how to get into this profession? Anyway, happy travels where ever you are!

  3. Hi Shawn…we met at the decompression party in Seattle in Oct. 2012. I had the pleasure of taking your picture and you later offered to cover me on visual news…which was awesome. Can you email me at myname-at-gmail.com? I have dismantled my entire internet presence, including fb, etc. I’m starting over. Your contact form here doesn’t seem to work…? At any rate, I’d love to touch base. Please feel free to delete this comment after you send me an email. 🙂 Thanks! Val

  4. Look like you have a wonderful time in Maui!
    I have friends there too.
    Ocean Virtue. 1/14/14, Bay area weather is so nice. We have 70F high today!, Love it.
    Have a sonderful time there Shown.

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