Some further reflections and some long promised photos..

Further reflections as I sit back in the morning weather of Northern California…Quiet, my dog is still sleeping, sun is shining on the leaves of trees…It’s Sunday, many are sleeping in..

Ah, back in California and the America. It is really organized out here. 🙂 We have good roads all over, signs, a sense of order. It is convienent and offers opportunities to get your tasks done quickly and make the most of your time. Compared to some of the places I just visited, it seems very relaxed.

When I come back from a trip, I try to apply the things I learned from the trip and not immediately forget what I just experienced and get back to daily life again in the US. I believe each trip abroad has it’s own learnings and purposes. Every trip I have ever been on has expanded my worldview, bestowed me with other ideas and creativity and grown me as a person.

Some things I’ve learned on this trip from each nation I went to..

*China is changing with it’s growing middle class and more expressive younger population. (Remember thirty years ago, everyone only wore green, blue and grey)

*Korea is an industrial powerhouse nation that considering how poor it was 60 years ago to today is impressive to say the least. Koreans work long hours.

*Cambodia is a country that in many ways is uneducated, but is growing. Women need more opportunities available to them so they don’t have to be exploited. Angkor Wat is beautiful. Laid back atmosphere.

*Thailand is the most touristy country I visited, Bangkok is big and funky. Chiang Mai is nice.

*Malaysia. Only went to Kuala Lumpur, and it was a clean city. Lots of Chinese influence.

*Indonesia. The most hospitable people on earth I have encountered.


View from the room in Bangkok
Bangkok Rivers
On the way to Malaysia via train
Family riding
At the Savoy Homann Hotel, a ritzy hotel my family used to socialize at back in the 1920's
In a Javanese restaurant
At the Botanical Gardens of Bogor
Hindi Temple in Bogor
Loving the water on my head
My good friends in Indonesia
Time to go home

Thanks for all the reading and encouragment. Who knows where I may go next~

I’ll post some personal learnings nexttime

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