“Shawn, are you alive??”


Yes, yes, Everything is good and fine, wow it’s been 10 days since I posted, a lot has been happening in Korea.

So I spent the first 7 days of Korea in Seoul, the largest city in the country, then 4 days in Busan, the second largest city and Gyeongju, a historical and cultural rural area in the central areas. Some highlights included:


Samgyeopsal, well known Korean dish

The food here in Korea has been a great experience. We all eat, but in Korea, eating is an integral part of the culture and eating together at restaurants sitting around sharing is the norm. Actually, now that I think about it…I don’t think I have ordered in a restaurant that had single items for each person. It’s always been sharing together.

The table comes with a myriad of small dishes comprising of kimchi, sprouts, garlic, lettuce leaves and other types of vegetables. This almost comes as a standard to any restaurant, sort of like your basket of bread and butter equivalent in the states.

Wow. I have eaten well my friends. In fact, a way to say “how are you” in Korea is to say “have you eaten?” This isn’t to imply, “have you eaten, are you hungry” but rather, “Have you been eating well recently.” So, to answer your question, YES. I have been eating well.

I’ve been eating all kinds of meats to grill, pork, beef, bacon, chicken. Kimchi (pickled cabbage, radish and spices) tofu, fishes, all kinds of vegetable dishes, soups, rices. It’s all been good.

Eating Kimchi Jiggae with my Cousin!

Music and nightlife

So with every international city, there is a different form of how people interact when the sun goes down. In Korea, many places stay open late at night and it can easily be written off as a city that never sleeps. Restaurants, cafes, lounges, pubs are all open. I was able to see one the most world famous DJ’s here in Seoul. His name is Deadmau5, and it was a very cool evening~

Good times

Historical Sites

I’ve been to my fair share of historical sites during this trip. So far I’ve been to a palace, a couple Buddhist temples, the Kings tombs, a 7th Century observatory, The original clan dwellings of the Kim and Choi families (VERY common Korean last names) amongst other sites. All have been a pleasure to learn about and see how a country that is 5,000 years old has survived and developed.

Some pictures of Historical places:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, it’s been two weeks now since I’ve been in Korea. I have connected with 7 of my friends here in the country. 4 that are Korean and three that are American. I’ve also connected with my cousin, who lives in Thailand most of the year and was on a layover! Great to be with friends and family. I also was able to visit my organizations office in Korea, meeting with many of my fellow colleagues who are bringing help to children.

Welcome to World Vision Korea

Thanks for reading, I fly out tomorrow~ Next stop…..

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