New journal for Shawn Saleme, on the net!

China. The Overland route~

Welcome to the journal my friends. Thank you for your time to read and reflec and keep informed about where I am, what I write about. I am not writing this blog for my own self memory, though I have picked up a small journal for that purpose.

I write on this blog to tell stories to my friends and people around the world about the perspective I see, experiences encountered and people. Food and drinks, nature and transportation, intelligent discussion and social issues, may or may not be included in this blog. 🙂

I’m in a coffee shop in the states now. I enjoyed a cup of peppermint tea and some fruit and yogurt. Prior to travel and prior to a long flight (12-15 hours) it is good to prepare your body for changes and put healthy items before the flight. Yogurt provides good probiotics to the body and peppermint tea also assists and strengthens the immune system.

Just in case of stomach issues, I have acquired my own stash of amoxicillen. Anti-biotics when you travel internationally are good to have with you. You can go to the pharmacies in other countries, but they may or may not have been given the proper medical testing and trials that goes into making such drugs.

Alas, I need to pack. I fly out in about 9 hrs, and I have all my essentials. I just need to put it in the case. I picked up a fast dry towel, and a small medical kit yesterday. I also picked up a new suit. In China, dressing up is respectful and essential to beginning and maintaining good relationships. At least in business, governmental and medical arenas.

It’s a sunny day in Seattle, good omen for travel.

Thank you for reading and future reading. If you consider yourself a spiritual individual or family, I would ask for your prayers for protection as I go to China. And with my sister! We shall have a lovely time, no doubt.

Time to go,


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