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Death and Falling Trees

In Thoughts on February 11, 2014 at 1:07 am

First a song to listen to…

I woke this morning to find someone I knew had passed away.
His name was Arturo and for about 15 years he worked for my families company. He passed in Mexico and wasn’t too old, maybe fifties. He left behind a wife and three children.

He was a nice fellow, always had a pleasant smile and calm demeanor. He worked hard and we laughed about daily things in life. He was actually interested to visiting South East Asia after talking to me about the life there. I knew he was sick, but didn’t know it would take his life. My thoughts and prayers go with Arturo and his family~

At the same time, I went to the store and on the way a tree that was infamous in my neighborhood had fallen. The tree had created a one way turn on the street and those that were unfamiliar with the turn would sometimes go fast not realizing that there could be a car on the other side coming. While I never heard of any accidents, there were definitely close calls and chipped off pieces in the tree.


After a heavy rain last night, the tree just fell over. It was an oak and came across a property breaking down a fence and going well into the yard. No one was hurt, no house was damaged, but this tree, was now gone. This turn, which I have gone around for 25 years, is now a lot more visible and a unique “feature” of the neighborhood is gone.

So what’s the point?

My point is that leaves fall, trees fall and people go. And that it’s important to remember that life comes and goes. Right now I am watching my 103 year old Grandmother. She calls out for my Mom and her Sister in a similar way a small child would. She has lived a long life and still carries love in her heart and a sense of humor, even though it is very soft-spoken.


I may be still young, but there is a life to be lived! This year expects to be quite adventurous, fun and enlightening. I hope the same to everyone reading ~ Do the activities that make you shine.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”
Joseph Campbell

A Grand Year of Adventures in 2013~Now onto Another Trip Around the Sun

In Personal Update, Travel on January 12, 2014 at 5:33 pm

Sun Trippin

Well, as I write this morning, I am in a spiritual retreat center on the north shores of Maui in the islands of Hawaii. The weather is so nice and energetic here and its been a few years since I last was in the islands. Sunrises on top of volcanos, spectacular coastal drives and trekking through rainforest to ancient Hawaiian swim holes are a few recently made memories that will bring smiles to my face in years to come.

I hope to those that keep up with my updates and travels all had a wonderful holiday and New Year. I am truly happy to share life with friends, be it in person or through a blog. I haven’t posted for a few months now, so I figure it is time to give some “juice.”

In 2013, I went around the world. I traveled in early February to Europe where I spent two months in the Netherlands, with side trips to France and Germany. It was then off to South East Asia, where I spent close to four months venturing Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. And then it was right over to good ole’ North Dakota just in time for 4th of July Fireworks and one of my best friends weddings. From there, I hopped on a ride share across the northern part of the States to California, where I spent a majority of the rest of the year. It seems I’m destined for another round the world journey in 2014, yet this time flying West.

Of course this wasn’t a vacation, as some can assume. Throughout the entire time being abroad, I was writing. Both in my professional 9-5 job with Visual News, and also with book projects I plan to publish. Personally, I find more inspiration being in a completely different environment than my own home country of the West Coast. While I love to see my friends and family in the states, I’ve personally evolved to a place where I need the chaos of a foreign context to shape and stimulate my heart and mind.

Each day is anew, filled with tones, noises, tastes, weather and relationships. And more.

I’ll give a few highlights from last year I enjoyed throughout the movements~

Carnival in Netherlands




Carnival is widely celebrated in Holland, and the Dutch recognize that the best festivities are held in the South of the country. I happened to be in that particular area at the time it was happening and though it was quite cold outside, my spirit was warm with song, dance and of course, beer!

Yoga in Thailand


Thailand Yoga

I began my Yoga journey finally in Thailand. I had waited until I could learn directly from my cousin, who has been a Yoga Ashtangi for over 20 years. Her practice is quite well known around the world and I was privileged to learn from her on a beautiful island.

Friendship in Langkawi




After spending time in Thailand, I went over to the Island of Langkawi in Malaysia to explore, meet up with a friend and check out sailboats. I found a wonderful expat community there whom I had a lot of fun getting to know. Langkawi itself is a great island to check out as it is unique in its own way. Definitely stay at Soluna Guesthouse if you get there and tell Claudia I said hello.

Art in Black Rock




It was another year of art installations in that special place in the desert. It was a wonderful year again full of expression, exploration and community.

Hiking in NorCal




I spent some of the Autumn writing in Northern Cal/ Southern Oregon. To be in the quiet stillness of the vast forest is renewing and energizing. In a world where the race gets faster by the millisecond, finding these sanctuaries are more important than ever, and I was lucky to find such raw nature so close by to my SF bay home.

Well, I’m back to Hawaii Life now and am already making great memories for this year. I hope you do too, because really, anything is possible if you project your intention into the universe enough~ Thanks for reading as always~

Top 5 Reasons to live in Woodside, California

In Uncategorized on September 24, 2013 at 6:48 pm

So I grew up in the town of Woodside, California most of my life and it was an absolutely wonderful place to grow up as a child. Forests, creeks and trails to explore…A short distance from Stanford University and a 30 minute drive from a cosmopolitan city like San Francisco. World changing companies in Silicon Valley are not far away as is so many other places. In retrospect, I will write the top five reasons why I enjoyed living there.

5. The People
There are about 5,200 people that live in Woodside. 20 years ago, there was 5,000. The population stays the same and the planning commission makes sure Woodside doesn’t develop and grow too much. The people are a diverse crowd, coming from all different backgrounds. There are horse lovers, songwriters, artists, scientists, venture capitalists, software founders, young families, old families and horses. They’re not people, but there are quite a few. :)

Going into places like Roberts Market, Buck’s restaurant, or the Woodside Bakery, one may encounter some of the local crowd, although there are a few people that come into Woodside, who don’t live in Woodside. They make the town vibrant as well.

4. The Environment

The location of Woodside is in a great location. It provides a great sense of privacy, yet it is not far from action. The redwoods, oaks and Manzanitas make the area rich with forest and the many horse trails are fun to walk on. There are many roads to explore for walks or bike rides. A short drive gets you to the top of Skyline, where one can drive to Windy Hill, the Thomas Fogarty Winery or cruise down to the ocean. The weather here is phenomenal. The Santa Cruz mountains blocks the ocean fog and it always be 10-15 degrees warmer than San Francisco anyday. Beautiful Beautiful.

3. The Schools

Woodside Elementary School has a wonderful program for the students. As a student growing up, we had excellent teachers, field trips to Yosemite to build our appreciation of nature and a great art program. We learned language at an earlier age than most and the classes remained small. Sometimes we biked to school and of course we always went to Roberts Market afterwards to get candies or a sandwich. Fun times.

2. The History

Woodside was incorporated a little over 60 years ago and it’s history is wonderful. Serving as a loggers town and a place for wealthy San Franciscans to come as a summer retreat, the history is displayed in some of the old houses and buildings. Places like the Folger Estate, the Woodside Store, Pioneer Saloon and estates make for a wonderful history. It takes someone to live here to truly discover the many secrets Woodside has to offer.

1. Woodside Glens.

Ok, so I am partial to the Woodside Glens, which is a community within Woodside and it is a wonderful place to grow up. There are trails, open spaces, one way windy streets, hills, lots of families, community gatherings and lots of places to explore. There are many places to live in Woodside and if you are a person wanting to live and have relationship with your neighbors, then the Glens is a great place to live.

A great house to live in the glens is located right here 
if you are considering a move to Woodside.


Happy Exploring~


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