Jonathan Andrus: a personal reflection

During this time in our human history, I have lost some people I knew due to COVID. This past week, on September 19, 2020, my friend Jonathan Andrus was involved in a motorcycle accident that took his life.

I met Jonathan at Vanguard University, where I went for my undergraduate studies. I was a sophomore and he was a freshman and while he didn’t seem like the type of person I would become friends with, we did. We had different personalities, me being more of a rebel, and a bit of partier at my college and he was a clean cut, Pastor’s kid in love with his high school sweetheart pursuing business and working out getting ripped. He wanted to take a bite out of life though and our school was in Southern California/LA, where a lot was happening. We both had some classes together and when I was organizing a gathering/party, he would want to come and he did many times.

I recall one memory where we had an H1 Hummer and we packed it and drove up to North Hollywood to go to a large street Halloween party. Even though us ‘partiers’ were having a good time drinking and whatnot, Jonathan still joined but didn’t drink. He did love having his photo taken with all the extravagant drag costumes out there and it was likely a lot different than the California Gold Country town of Sonora where he was from. His huge open mouthed smiling face while he was wearing a Farmer John costume is forever etched in my brain. That was Jonathan for me.

He would come to the parties I organized, and I can’t say I ever saw him get drunk, or even really drink, or smoke, or pick up on girls or anything related to vices. He was a Christian man, and he really lived his values and beliefs. He never tried to preach to me, but looking back, he probably was showing his love to me by coming and he probably did pray for me back then. I was pushing the boundaries in our private liberal arts college I’ll admit.

After graduation, we kept in touch. I think there is a photo of us together in our gowns too. He reached out to me throughout our careers and we saw each other here and there. He loved his wife, and I remember him being very loyal to her. He knew what he wanted early on in life, and he pursued it. He wanted to be married, and he did it. He wanted to have a good paying job working up in his career, and he did it. He wanted to own a house early on and he did it. He wanted a family and he did it. He played music, he rode his motorcycle, he had a church family, he wanted to tattoo his children’s names in the shape of a guitar on his arms. And he did it.

Jonathan planned out his career and family life and I have to say he did it well. I remember visiting his large house in Dallas in 2010 and was happy for him and his life. He always had a joyful spirit, and never once did I ever see him confused about what he should be doing with his life. He was a man that pursued what his dreams were, and instead of sitting back and not doing anything about it, he did them. And he did them all with his faith guiding him.

Jonathan had an affectionate loving spirit, with lots of energy and I’m going to miss him. I hadn’t seen him for a few years, but I enjoyed seeing his life through social media, and seeing him post photos of his children whom he dearly loved. He had two children, Isaiah and Lana, two step-children, Leah and Mackenzi and one on the way…

He was a great family man and husband and I think I’ll remember Jonathan mostly by his sweet baritone voice, his pursuit of excellence in all aspects of his life and pursuing what was most important to him in life: God, Family and friends.

If you knew Jonathan, or felt touched by his life and would like to support his children and wife during this time and for their future, they have setup a GoFundMe, to help support the future of their family. You can see it here.

I love you Andrus, and until we meet again….. Somewhere…Someplace…

And you know what man, thanks for getting me writing again on this blog…

Jonathan’s memorial service is Saturday Oct. 3rd at 10 am at Christian Heights Church in Sonora, CA.

See more of his life:
Jonathan’s Facebook Page

Until we meet again…

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